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Building Puddle-Free Public Spaces

hydroPAVERS® is a truly remarkable revolutionary pervious paving system that addresses stormwater. This is an amazing product that has so many positive benefits. Rain and stormwater seeps into – and through our pavers into the base below the pavers, rather than immediately creating hazardous puddles on the surface. Our surfaces are safe and non-slip, perfect around swimming pools, patios, walkways, parking lots and anywhere it rains.

Meet Our Team

From residential to commercial and industrial applications, our teams are able to handle projects of any size.

Walter Hermann
Walter HermannPresident, Hydropavers Inc.
Designing and engineering state of the art products and systems for Storm Water Management and Sustainability for the building community is our passion. From the ground to the roof, our systems focus on true practicle solutions. Lets work on your next project together.
Toll Free: +1-888-599-6444 Ext 4
Direct: +1-416-725-7524
Terry McGlade
Terry McGladeConsultant/Representative
Toll Free: +1-888-599-6444 Ext 10
Direct: +1-416-991-1834
Francisco J Rodriguez-Ema, MSCE, PE
Francisco J Rodriguez-Ema, MSCE, PEConsultor/Representante
Puerto Rico
Toll Free: +1-888-599-6444 Ext. 14
Direct: +1-787-455-1388
Robert (Bob) Scarano
Robert (Bob) ScaranoConsultant / Representative
Toll Free: +1-888-599-6444 Ext 28
Direct: +1-978-375-7905
Kirk Buhne, B.Arch, CSI, CDT
Kirk Buhne, B.Arch, CSI, CDTConsultant / Representative
British Columbia, Oregon, Washington
Toll Free: +1-888-599-6444 Ext 32
Direct: +1-253-238-0580
Andrew Marshall
Andrew MarshallConsultant/Representative
Toll Free: +1-888-599-6444 Ext 26
Direct: +1-905-467-1833
Eric Brown
Eric BrownConsultant/Representative
Toll Free: +1-888-599-6444 Ext 24
Direct: +1-905-975-2623
Curtlyn Warner
Curtlyn WarnerConsultant/Representative
Sint Maarten, Saint Martin
USA/CANADA: +1-416-725-7524
Direct: +1-721-554-3417
Sherlock Queeley
Sherlock QueeleyConsultant/Representative
Saint Kitts, Nevis
USA/CANADA: +1-416-725-7524
Direct: +1-869-662-2327
Satnam Singh (Sam) Raina, B.sc.
Satnam Singh (Sam) Raina, B.sc.Consultor/Representante
USA/CANADA: +1-416-725-7524
Direct: +535-500-1695
Karl Lass
Karl LassConsultant / Representative
Toll Free: +1-888-599-6444 Ext 18
Direct: +1-647-996-0078
Fernando Urbina
Fernando UrbinaConsultor/Representante
USA/CANADA: +1-416-725-7524
Direct: +507-6815-0234

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