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Permeable Paving Products

Overview of Stormwater Safe Public Spaces

Amazing Water Absorbing and Drainage Ability.

Before our permeable paving products were installed

Our hydroPAVERS® will absorb a 1/4″ rain event. Additional rainwater will flow through the pavers into the prepared base, reducing puddles.

A fresh way of looking at drainage. With hydroPAVERS® pervious paving in place, the entire paved area has transformed itself into a storm drain.

Our hydroPAVERS® system is designed for proper drainage. We have a superior system compared to a run-off system leading into grassy areas. Note: Sometimes a grassy area might require some surface drainage to protect proximity buildings from run-off ingression.

No longer does water need to be sloped into drain grates. Your paved areas can become the source of water storage from a path, plaza or driveway. The permeable paving tile filters the water. Engineers now have a new tool for stormwater management, and we look forward to more innovative solutions.

Reduced Heat Island Effect. Since the hydroPAVERS® absorb rain, the surface temperature of our paver is significantly reduced as the sun and wind slowly evaporate the moisture.

Noise Reduction. The porous structure of the hydroPAVERS® also absorbs a large amount of noise. This creates quieter and more comfortable surroundings. Ideal for subways and train platforms and other noisy areas.

Good Water Permeability. Water can flow naturally and quickly through the paving, allowing quick and even dispersal. Rapid runoff and erosion, heavy flows in city drainage systems and the uneven settling of paving due to the irregular distribution of groundwater are all avoided. What’s left is an distribution of stormwater that is manageable.

LID – Low Impact Development. As cities and towns struggle with excess water running into storm sewers from hardscape surfaces, the hydroPAVERS® incorporated into existing and new developments substantially reduces the immediate water surge and potentially can reduce/eliminate water run-off completely.

SUDS – Sustainable Drainage Systems. Increasing urbanization has caused problems with increased flash flooding after a sudden rain. As areas of vegetation are replaced by concrete, asphalt, or roofed structures, the area loses its ability to absorb rainwater. This rain is instead directed to surface water drainage systems, often overloading them and causing floods.

Rain Does Not Pool On The Surface Of The hydroPAVERS®

This Video Has Additional Footage Of The hydroPAVERS® Shot On A Toronto Penthouse Balcony During What Was Reported As A 100mm / 4" Rain Event. The Morning Of August 7Th.

This Video Provides A view Of The Street Driveways With And Without hydroPAVERS®. Shot In Fort Lauderdale Florida, The Morning Of November 13Th, 2020 After Two Torrential Rain Events. See The Last Frames, Newly Constructed Custom Home With The Driveway Done With hydroPAVERS®.
Video By D. Sorogon, Designer, Architect, Builder. "Proof that pavers work"

Rain Event: During Construction In Miami. Front Parking With hydroPAVERS®
Amarilys Shared This Video Of The Rain Storm Showing The Rain Hitting The Street but Virtully Not Visible On The hydroPAVERS®

During Construction Of Peter's New Backyard With hydroPAVERS®, Peter Shared This Video Of The Sudden Rain Including Panning His Neighbors Patio Without hydroPAVERS®

Stormwater Creates Unsafe / Slippery Areas In Public Spaces

Heavy Rain At The Amusement Park Leaving Puddles Without The Benefits Of hydroPAVERS®

Did You Know

You can eliminate the hazardous puddles with hydroPAVERS® Technology. It offers you the ideal stormwater solution, combining water retention and drainage in a revolutionary beautiful paver.

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