Residential And Commercial Solutions

The hydroPAVERS® Permeable Paving System Transforming Outdoor Living Landscapes

hydroPAVERS® Allows Your Design With Colors To Beautifully Complete Your Project

Choose The Color, Size And Pattern Of The hydroPAVERS® Once Your Area Is Defined.
Many Plans Start As A Sketch.

Designed With hydroPAVERS®

Weather Is New Construction, Residential with  features that are important to your family, lifestyle and entertainment / enjoyable amenities,  explore the benefits of using hydroPAVERS® in your design, or commercial, with considerations focusing on  safety and features that your customers will appreciate.

    • Safety
      • Non slip surface – complies with ADA and AODA
        • No puddling on the surface
    • Painless
      • No little stones to dig into your feet,
        since our gaps are less than 1/8″
    • Cooler
      • Surface is cooler due to Evapotranspiration
    • Designers Delight
      • With 8 colors and 9 sizes, customization is in your hands
    • Color Fast
      • Our hydroPAVERS® will not fade
Municipal Pool

Defining The Space In Detail

Municipal Pool To Have hydroPAVERS®

Designing A Library Patio With hydroPAVERS®

Complete Patio And Courtyard

Patio /  hydroPAVERS® In Construction

Patio /  hydroPAVERS® No Area Is Too Small

Patio /  hydroPAVERS® Super Beautiful Upgrade

Patio /  hydroPAVERS® A Transformation

Deck – Our New Ceramic Granite Pavers

hydroPAVERS® System Solved A Flooding Issue

hydroPAVERS® Enhancing This Design In The Parade Of Homes

hydroPAVERS® –  A New Entertainment / Enjoyable Area 

hydroPAVERS® – Complete Transformation Of The Backyard

Did You Know

You can eliminate the hazardous puddles with hydroPAVERS® Technology. It offers you the ideal stormwater solution, combining water retention and drainage in a revolutionary beautiful paver.