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Endless Dynamic And Creative Design Possibilities


The hydroPAVERS® Permeable Paving System Transforming Landscapes

Many additional reasons to design and implement hydroPAVERS® into a new or revitalized park

    • True Pervious Paver
      • Every square inch of the surface allows water to flow in
      • Absorbs a ¼” rain event – excellent storm water retention
      • After fully saturated, rain water passes through our hydroPAVERS® into the properly prepared base.
      • Exceeds 100 year storm requirements for retention and drainage in most geographical areas.
      • Properly prepared base and leveling layer along with our hydroPAVERS®  can hold over 5 inches of water
      • This makes the entire area under our pavers like a water storage tank during heavy surges and severe rain events.
      • Dryer surfaces. The water will evaporate  – Evapotranspiration. By the sun and wind.
      • The system allows water retention, water infiltration and transmissivity.
      • The base layers allows the excess water to flow back to the table.
      • Puddles are eliminated assuming full proper installation. – except extreme conditions such as flooding due to other factors such as hurricanes.
    • No Large Gaps
      • The space between pavers is less than 1/8” regardless of paver size in the plans
      • Makes it Safe – complies with ADA and AODA
        • Since gaps can be filled with polymeric sand, the system is sealed off so to speak
        • Dirt does not flow in and clog the system or get into the base
        • Reduced maintenance costs:
          • only pressure washing required
          • No vacuuming required ever
    • Heat Island Effect
      • Surface is cooler due to Evapotranspiration
      • And also because the paver “breathe”
      • SRI Index 41 for the Off-White
    • Safety
      • Non slip surface
      • Excellent around swimming pools
      • Safe for children to run on
      • No sliding on the surface when wet, even when barefoot
    • Bonus Features:
      • With 8 colors and 9 sizes, super design flexibility
      • Off-white or Sand colored hydroPAVERS® can used for lines in parking areas to eliminate painting.
      • Reduce painting even further by using for handicap zones. – no slipping / no painting
      • NEVER needs to be sealed – save cost annually (sealing will ruin the drainage and the benefits)
      • Compared to concrete, no expansion joints required
    • Color Fast
      • Manufactured and oven cured, color in baked in
      • This is achieved by 12 hours at 1,200 Degrees Centigrade through a 1,500 foot long oven
      • Will not fade over time
      • No effected by UV rays
    • Strength
      • Compressive strength exceeds 9,500 PSI
      • Ideal for so many applications
        • Walkways, Lanes, Minor Low Traffic Roads, Sidewalks, Parking Pads, Parking Lots to name a few
    • Material: Slithered Ceramic
      • 100% recycled ceramic tiles
      • Not from landfill, diverted directly from ceramic tile makers to us, so it’s clean
      • Cuts very clean with diamond blade
    • Freeze Thaw tested and certified
      • Does not crack, expand or contract from extreme cold or heat

Create or re-create a park with the use of hydroPAVERS® and avoid the safety concerns of the guest jumping over running water and puddles during and after a rain event.

A creative combination of hydroPAVERS® and water features making an attractive and safe splash pad.

Selected Park Projects

Did You Know

You can eliminate the hazardous puddles with hydroPAVERS® Technology. It offers you the ideal stormwater solution, combining water retention and drainage in a revolutionary beautiful paver.

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