Revitalizing The Harbor In Utica

The hydroPAVERS® Permeable Paving System Transforming Landscapes

The project - Utica Harbor Point, Utica, NY.
A complete revitalization project of the historic harbor.

Designed by James Crammer and Paul Romano of Ramboll. Ramboll is a global architecture, engineering, and consultancy company

A Year-Round Destination
Utica’s Harbor Point comprises more than 100 acres of waterfront real estate uniquely situated around the City’s historic harbor, between the Mohawk River and Erie Canal. The City of Utica and the Utica Harbor Point Development Corporation (UHPDC) are advancing the transformation of this underutilized former industrial area into a year-round destination for residents and tourists.

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Did You Know

You can eliminate the hazardous puddles with hydroPAVERS® Technology. It offers you the ideal stormwater solution, combining water retention and drainage in a revolutionary beautiful paver.

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