Endless Design Possibilities.

The hydroPAVERS® Permeable Paving System Transforming Driveways Into Functional Landscapes

hydroPAVERS® Completes Your Project And Your 100% Pervious Requirements

It Begins With Site Plan Or A Sketch

Designed With hydroPAVERS®Designed With hydroPAVERS®

The benefits of using hydroPAVERS® in your design are many, including ease of complying for permit approval and storm water requirements. ( subject to the City or County being presented with our documentation – 100% is the typical approval )

    • Safety
      • Non slip surface – complies with ADA and AODA
        • No puddling on the surface
    • Designers Delight
      • With 8 colors and 9 sizes, customization is in your hands
    • Color Fast
      • Our hydroPAVERS® will not fad
    • Cooler
      • Surface is cooler due to Evapotranspiration
    • Painless
      • No little stones to dig into your feet,
        since our gaps are less than 1/8″
Municipal Pool

hydroPAVERS® will finish off the driveway for this new home

Municipal Pool To Have hydroPAVERS®

hydroPAVERS® will replace the asphalt and older concrete pavers

Adding A Pool Plus New hydroPAVERS®

hydroPAVERS® will finish off this new construction

Two Driveways, Florida Custom Home With Two Driveways

Florida Custom Home With Courtyard And Two Driveways

Sloped Driveway

Sloped Driveway

Simple Beautiful Driveway

Unrestricted Coverage Using hydroPAVERS®

hydroPAVERS® Completes Your Project And Your 100% Pervious Requirements