Safety First – Non Slip

The hydroPAVERS® Permeable Paving System Transforming Outdoor Living Landscapes

hydroPAVERS® Completes Your Project Beatifully

It Begins With Your Sketch / Rendering

Designed With hydroPAVERS®Designed With hydroPAVERS®

As you consider upgrading or creating your backyard with features that are important to your family, lifestyle and entertainment / enjoyable amenities,  explore the benefits of using hydroPAVERS® in your design.

    • Safety
      • Non slip surface – complies with ADA and AODA
        • No puddling on the surface
    • Painless
      • No little stones to dig into your feet,
        since our gaps are less than 1/8″
    • Cooler
      • Surface is cooler due to Evapotranspiration
    • Designers Delight
      • With 8 colors and 9 sizes, customization is in your hands
    • Color Fast
      • Our hydroPAVERS® will not fad
Municipal Pool

Or A Project That Cries For Updates

Municipal Pool To Have hydroPAVERS®

Concrete Surround Will Be Upgraded To hydroPAVERS®

Adding A Pool Plus New hydroPAVERS®

 hydroPAVERS® Plus a new pool in this upgrade

New Custom Home Complete With Inviting Backyard

Swimming Pool Deck Completing The Transformation

Pool Deck And Patio Complemented by hydroPAVERS®

Swimming Pool Deck – hydroPAVERS® Qualify For Permit

Swimming Pool Deck – Pervious Requirement For Permit

Key West – Upgrading The Pool Deck

The Pool Deck Blends In Perfectly With hydroPAVERS®