Safety First – Non Slip

The hydroPAVERS® Permeable Paving System Transforming Outdoor Living Landscapes

hydroPAVERS® Completes Your Project Beatifully

It Begins With Your Sketch / Rendering

Designed With hydroPAVERS®Designed With hydroPAVERS®

As you consider upgrading or creating your backyard with features that are important to your family, lifestyle and entertainment / enjoyable amenities,  explore the benefits of using hydroPAVERS® in your design.

    • Safety
      • Non slip surface – complies with ADA and AODA
        • No puddling on the surface
    • Painless
      • No little stones to dig into your feet,
        since our gaps are less than 1/8″
    • Cooler
      • Surface is cooler due to Evapotranspiration
    • Designers Delight
      • With 8 colors and 9 sizes, customization is in your hands
    • Color Fast
      • Our hydroPAVERS® will not fad
Municipal Pool

Or A Project That Cries For Updates

Municipal Pool To Have hydroPAVERS®

Concrete Surround Will Be Upgraded To hydroPAVERS®

Adding A Pool Plus New hydroPAVERS®

 hydroPAVERS® Plus a new pool in this upgrade

New Custom Home Complete With Inviting Backyard

Swimming Pool Deck Completing The Transformation

Pool Deck And Patio Complemented by hydroPAVERS®

Swimming Pool Deck – hydroPAVERS® Qualify For Permit

Swimming Pool Deck – Pervious Requirement For Permit

Complete Makeover Of The BackYard, with hydroPAVERS®  And Addition Of  Pool

Key West – Upgrading The Pool Deck

The Pool Deck Blends In Perfectly With hydroPAVERS®

This Custom Home Using Special Order “Super White” hydroPAVERS®
Creating A Beautiful Deck And Also Solving The Lot Coverage % Issue

Custom Home In California.
Beautiful Clean And Contemporary Pool Deck Finished With hydroPAVERS®

Pool Deck Finished With Off-White hydroPAVERS® Satisfying Both Permitting And Home Owner

Pool Deck Super-White hydroPAVERS®   Completed – Ready For Enjoyment

Pool Deck Super-White hydroPAVERS®   In Progress – Approved @ 100%

Did You Know

Did You Know Our hydroPAVERS® Are Manufactured
Using Recycled Ceramic Tiles, Not Concrete
The cement industry is one of the main producers of carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas.
Concrete causes damage to the most fertile layer of the earth, the topsoil.
Concrete is used to create hard surfaces and pavers which contribute to surface runoff that may cause soil erosion, water pollution and flooding.
The manufacture of cement produces about 0.9 pounds of CO2 for every pound of cement.