Pilot Sidewalk Project

The hydroPAVERS® Permeable Paving System Transforming Landscapes

The project - Waterfront Toronto Pilot Sidewalk Project, Toronto, ON.

Improvements are planned along Lake Shore Boulevard between Jarvis and Logan Streets following the realignment of the Gardiner Expressway. This will include enhanced south sidewalks, a new cycling trail on the north side of the corridor and additional planting.

We’re taking this opportunity to test innovative materials that can achieve low-impact development (LID) design standards. That means implementing systems that use natural processes to capture stormwater and filter it through the landscape instead of letting it run off untreated into the lake and river.

To test materials and inform design for the future revitalization of the whole Lake Shore East corridor, we are conducting a pilot project on the section of sidewalk along Lake Shore Boulevard from Sherbourne Common to Bonnycastle Street. The sidewalk will be reconstructed using porous pavers over a permeable subbase instead of concrete, allowing stormwater to filter through and reducing the flow of water into storm sewers. This captured stormwater will water the planting area along the curb through passive irrigation, reducing the need for watering and improving plant health.

The goal of this pilot project is to evaluate how well these materials improve the sustainability of our street plantings and management of stormwater. The results of this pilot project will inform the detailed design of Lake Shore Boulevard East.

From July 29 to early September, the south side of the sidewalk on Lake Shore Boulevard between Lower Sherbourne and Bonnycastle Streets will be closed. Pedestrians will be directed to use the public passageway through Monde or Queens Quay East instead.

Starting the week of July 27, construction crews will close the sidewalk and install fencing around their work area. Demolition of the existing surface will be completed.

The following week crews will install granular material, drainage pipe, stormwater containers, planting soil and concrete features.

The remaining work will be to install the permeable pavers and plants and pour the concrete corner at south east corner of Lake Shore Boulevard East and Bonnycastle Street.

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